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KEVAN MANWARING      Foreword by Jay Ramsay


The sound of snow falling on a Somerset hillside, the evanescence of a waterspout on a remote Scottish island, the invisible view from a Welsh mountain, the light on the Grand Canal in Venice, the fire in a Bedouin camel-herder’s eyes … These poems consider the little epiphanies of life and capture such fleeting pulses of consciousness in sinuous, euphonic language. A meditation on time, mortality, transience, and place, this collection celebrates the beauty of both the natural and the man-made, the familiar and the exotic, and the interstices and intimacy of love.

The Immanent Moment





    ‘Awen, the flow of energy that is creative life, becomes Zen, its apprehension … Kevan’s poetry is (as he is) for life; of that you can be sure.’ 

    Jay Ramsay


    'It's passionate, intense, and emotionally engaging. The wordcraft is beautiful … a love affair with the natural world, with poetry and the work of other poets.

    Nimue Brown

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