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About Awen

Awen Publications was founded by Kevan Manwaring in 2003 with the publication of our first title, Writing the Land. Kevan ran the press with dedication for more than a decade, publishing an ever-expanding list of titles and organising numerous launch parties as well as two ambitious series of live literature events: the Garden of Awen in Bath, the Awen Forum in Stroud. The press is today run by Anthony Nanson, invaluably supported by Kirsty Hartsiotis and Richard Selby.


Since the beginning, Awen has sought out writing that is imaginative, boundary-pushing, eco-conscious, enchanting, and challenging of received wisdoms. ‘Awen’ is a Welsh word meaning ‘inspiration’ or ‘flowing spirit’; the work Awen publishes has such inspiration at its heart. The time of transition in which we live, like all times of crisis, is a profound opportunity for change: change in how we do things and also how we perceive things. Awen believes in the need to bring spiritual and ecological values into contemporary writing, and that literature can help us understand that none of us need make this journey alone.


The majority of Awen’s authors are experienced and skilled performers, whether as poets or storytellers. Performance of the spoken word elicits a communion of understanding in which we can realise together more of what it means to be human, opening our hearts and minds to all that living words in the shared moment can bring us – which we then take back with us into life.


Find out about Awen's authors via the list here. You can contact them via their individual pages to book them for a performance, reading, or talk.

Kevan Manwaring

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