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Richard Selby

Richard Selby comes from a background in primary education, having worked in schools in Wiltshire and Australia for thirty years. He finally found his way back into the book trade (an ambition postponed by his years as a teacher) by working part time as a second-hand book dealer in Bath and exhibiting stock at a number of book fairs.

Adult storytelling has been a major focus of the last few years: with Fire Springs, in collaboration with musician Beth Porter, and as a solo performer. Richard has organised workshops with Robin Williamson, who has undoubtedly been a key influence on his development as a storyteller.

Richard's lifelong connection with Romney Marsh, as celebrated in his book The Fifth Quarter, comes from school holidays spent there at his grandparents’ house and, now, frequent visits to his mother’s house. A cricket fan, he’s also been known to enjoy a pint of plain. He lives in Bath with his wife Judith and has two talented sons.

Awen publication:


The Fifth Quarter

An Ecobardic Manifesto: a vision for the arts in a time of environmental crisis  (co-author)



Other publications:

Natural Words: an anthology of nature poetry (co-author)

The Marsh: three poems 

The Mouth of the Night: a story with music and song (with Beth Porter)

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