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The Immanent Moment

by Kevan Manwaring


Foreword by Jay Ramsay


The Sound of Snow

Song of the North Wind

Voice of the Waterfall

Climbing the Mountain

By the Grand Canal

Passeggiata in Muddy Boots

Siesta on Skyros


On Malvern Hills

Walking with Rilke

Angel Autumn


Solstice Sunset

Burning News                                                              

Smooring the Hearth


The Unseen Road

i. Ignition                                 
ii. Ethandun
iii. Racing the Dark


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

The Man from Porlock


Island of the Silences

i. Isle of Yew
ii. The Old Man of Iona

iii. Not Yet

iv. Spouting Cave

v. The Paps of Jura

vi. Two Ports

vii. Staffa

viii. Iona of the Silences


Reflections Inside a Yew Tree

Moth of Flame


Shadow on the Snow

On Brean Down

Wall in the Woods


Sabrina Rises

Let Love Be Our River


The Green Days                

i. The Bright Ribbons of May
ii. A Green Way

iii. In His Element

iv. Blue World
v. Silent Circle

Lines in the Sand

i. Hermit Crabs

ii. Desert Brother
iii. Bedouin Woman
iv. In the Lagoon

v. The Red and the Black

vi. Moon Bathing


The Moon Pool

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