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GABRIEL BRADFORD MILLAR      Foreword by Paul Matthews


In these renegade poems ranging from 1958 to 2011 Gabriel Bradford Millar presents a spectrum of life, in all its piquant poignancy, with unfaltering precision, defiance, and finesse. From the very first to the very last, the breathtaking skill of this consummate wordsmith does not waver. Many of these poems linger in the air - not least because Millar performs them orally with such verve. She believes 'that poems, like love-talk, should go from mouth to ear without any paper in between'. On the page her poems' orality and aurality fragrance their presence without diminishing their literary elegance. Continually astonishing, these epicurean poems not only offer a lasting testimony to a life well-lived, but inspire the reader to live well too.


Cover art by George Brocklehurst

Crackle of Almonds: selected poems



    'Feisty, uncompromising, and impassioned ... the author pulls no punches.' 

    Self and Society


    'She actually has something to say that is in and beyond time, and that is why her work will remain.' 

    Jay Ramsay


    'She does not just write about the world; she dips her syllables in the bitter sweet of its "gazpacho". She thinks melodically.' 

    Paul Matthews


    'Gabriel describes herself as one who "writes to pay tribute to the innate savouriness of life", and this anthology is one to savour.'  

    New Books


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