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Gabriel Bradford Millar

Gabriel Bradford Millar is a renegade American, born in New York in 1944. She spent five years at universities in New York and Edinburgh, where she published in Lines Review and Scottish International, read on BBC TV, and was interviewed by George Bruce on BBC Radio Scotland. She married an Englishman, raised children and chickens in Gloucestershire, and taught English at a Steiner school. Outposts published Mid-Day in 1977; then came The Brook Runs and Bloom on the Stone. Thresholds: near-life experiences (Hawthorn Press) came out in 1995. Forty years of poetry are distilled in The Saving Flame (Five Seasons Press, 2001) and Crackle of Almonds (Awen, 2012). Gabriel has given scores of readings and over a hundred playshops and, with Jay Ramsay, co-founded Poetry Stroud and Celebration of the Word as forums for other poets. She believes that poems, like love-talk, should go from mouth to ear, without any paper in between.

Awen publications:


Crackle of Almonds: selected poems

Six poems in Soul of the Earth: the Awen anthology of eco-spiritual poetry

Other publications:

Mid-Day (Outposts)

The Brook Runs

Bloom on the Stone

Thresholds: near-life experiences

The Saving Flame

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