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Irresistible Resistance

By Robin Collins

Let our resistance

be an irresistible,

bringing together

of the Stars and the Earth in our lives.

Let our resistance

be insistence on beauty and wonder,

let us be beyond

the deadening repetition of machines.

In all ways

we are evolving towards

the spiralling of creation.

Spirals in the resistance

will take us like starlings,

murmuring through

the shattering pieces

of where

we have come to,

arrived for the first time

in the middle of ourselves.

Spinning in the

time we create,

let our resistance,

weave worlds into our words,

adorn our paths,

through day and night,

with friendship,

Let this be our resistance,

sound as a well built house,

we can stand,

and belong in the place we are now,





and frost.

We become,


in our resistance,

to the webbing

of life’s fullness.

Of all we

lock away

now the walls and chains

are blown away.


we have found

child’s play,

is irresistible in our resistance.

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