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Become an Ecobard

“The world is in crisis. It’s been in crisis before. Individual regions have suffered environmental collapse. The planet has undergone global ecological crises in the deep geological past. But in our time we’ve become aware that for the first time during the history of civilisation the world faces such a global ecological crisis – one caused not by asteroid impact or the slow cycles of plate tectonics or celestial oscillation, but by the accelerating exploitation of the earth’s resources by an ever growing human population. In such a crisis what place is there for the arts?”

So begins The Ecobardic Manifesto, published by Awen – you can read the entire version here –

We all need creativity in our lives and we all have the capacity to be creative.

We are all capable of being inspired, and of inspiring others.

It’s not just about singing songs and telling stories – although that can and will be part of the solution, because we need to change our culture to something more sustainable.

Become an Ecobard. Become a voice for the land, for the past and the future, a voice for life and for hope.

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