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ANTHONY NANSON      Foreword by Eric Maddern


The time-honoured art of storytelling – ancestor of all narrative media – is finding new pathways of relevance in education, consciousness-raising, and the journey of transformation. Storytellers are reinterpreting ancient myths and communicating the new stories we need in our challenging times. This book brings together the best of Anthony Nanson’s incisive writings about the ways that story can re-enchant our lives and the world we live in. Grounded in his practice as a storyteller, the essays range from the myths of Arthur, Arcadia, and the voyage west, to true tales of the past, science-fiction visions of the future, and the big questions of politics and spirituality such stories raise. The book contains full texts of exemplar stories and will stimulate the thinking of anyone interested in storytelling or in the use of myth in fiction and film.


Storytelling World Award 2013

Words of Re-enchantment: writings on storytelling, myth, and ecological desire





    'Pleasurable reading and rich in insights' 

    Sharon Blackie, EarthLines


    'Anthony Nanson is enaged on a quest, not only to tell stories, but to fathom why they matter so much ... and to discover how they can be agencies for change in both our inner and outer worlds.' 

    Hugh Lupton


    'This excellent book is written with a storyteller's cadence and understanding of language. Passionate, fascinating and wise.'  

    Hamish Fyfe, George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling


    'I'm especially interested in what other stories connect with the story I'm working on, as well as how that story might have an impact on audiences. Anthony's book, with its unique perspective on the intersection of storytelling, myth and ecology, offers a helpful, compelling and thoughtful springboard from which to explore these relationships.' 

    Tracy Radosevic


    'Anthony Nanson has written a richly wise and provocative book ... His words are thread through with a generous faith that well-chosen, well-told stories, spoken directly to the ear of the listener, can lift us from the mundane and help us see and feel what is truly valuable in life.' 

    Eric Maddern


    'packed full of inspiration' 

    Ron Donaldson


    'A sensitve and intelligent book that demands re-reading.'  

    Liz Berg, Facts & Fiction


    'As you might expect from an experienced storyteller and teacher of creative writing, each chapter carries well presented and thought-provoking insights which I found deeply inspirational ... Nanson writes in a way which, while clearly an expert in this field, does not read as an academic text book and manages to remain accessible throughout ... In short, an excellent book which clearly argues the case for story-telling as a neglected yet positive force for change in re-enchanting humanity with the natural world of which it is a part.'

    Paul Cudby


    'As a writer and poet this book spoke to the core of my own approach. It talks about the need for our society to reconnect with nature and magic through storytelling. It is intelligently written, inspiring and convincing.'


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