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Word of Re-enchantment

by Anthony Nanson


Foreword by Eric Maddern                         

Introduction: the impetus of desire               




Mythscapes of Arcadia            


Mythic Patterns in Popular Entertainment            

The Metaphysics of Imaginary Worlds              


Lost Islands: myth and reality                   


Wonder Voyages                                     


The Myth of King Arthur: a creative tradition       


The Promise and Pitfalls of Christian Agenda in Stephen Lawhead’s Pendragon Cycle          




Telling Merlin         


Writing It and Telling It           


Listening to Hugh Lupton          


The Meeting of Sacred and Secular    


The Telling Place             

The Benefits of Amateur Storytelling        


What Does ‘Accreditation’ Mean?         


Telling Other Peoples’ Stories             


The Storytelling Imagination as Catalyst of Tolerance and Transformation




Tales to Sustain             


What Do You Mean, ‘Ecobardic’? 


Age of Enchantment         


Mapping the Ecobardic Territory         


Faith, Freedom, and the Fast-Capitalist Commodification of Story   


Telling Stories from the Big Picture of Ecological History  


Two Sides to a Story: storytelling as a tool of the imagination in conflicts

over environmental resources     


How Can Storytelling Re-enchant the Natural World in an Electronic Age?           


The Big Picture and the Bigger Picture     







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