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Imagine an island at the crossroads of time where lost souls find each other … Having learnt the secrets of the East Wind, Isambard Kerne must sail beyond the West Wind to the fabled Island of the Blessed, Ashalantë, where the visions of Plato, Da Vinci, and Brunel have come to life. Here he meets the legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart, who is assigned to instruct him in the art of flying, but they find themselves falling in forbidden love. Torn between duty and desire, the two become embroiled in a tragic chain of events that threaten to destroy not only this otherworldly paradise but also its shadow: Earth.


Cover art by Steve Hambidge

The Well Under the Sea – The Windsmith Elegy Vol. 3





    'The book builds up to a crescendo and is totally gripping in the end. It is a love story dealing with the devastating effects of forbidden love, and the destruction caused by the vengeance of a diseased soul.’

    Moyra Caldecott


    'Great strength and originality'

    R.J. Stewart


    ‘This is an originally imagined and well told tale and I look forward to the next volume.’

    Merry Meet


    ‘Kevan Manwaring writes in the bardic tradition of English prose, one which honours the vision of our landscape as sacred ground and knows that our lives and history are at their most intense when lived in close relation to its claims on the soul.’

    Lindsay Clarke

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