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Reviews for Places of Truth

Jay Ramsay’s poetry collection Places of Truth came out in March 2016. Here’s what reviewers have been saying.

“Readers of Ramsay’s poetry are likely to be an audience who recognise the reality of places in the world that are mirrors which reflect the soul, leading to a sense of oneness. It is for these readers Ramsay’s poetry will sing in the way the poet intended.” Fiona Tinker

“I would recommended this book to anybody interested in connecting with and listening to places and the deeper visions and experiences born from long periods of meditation. It forms an important waymarker in the development of mystical tradition in the present day and is well worth reading for students of mysticism from all spiritualities and religions.” Lorna Smithers

“There’s an intensity of presence and connection as the poet is affected by the landscape in each chapter. There are also photographs to help the reader connect with each place, which I found enriched the experience. Each chapter has its own tones and moods, different sections will no doubt resonate more than others. For anyone interested in land and poetry (so, Druids, definitely!) it’s a fascinating read.” Nimue Brown

Find out more about Place of Truth here –

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