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Koinos Hermes

A Dance With Hermes is a verse sequence in which award-winning novelist Lindsay Clarke explores the trickster nature of Hermes, the messenger god of imagination. Clarke travels with Hermes into the shifting possibilities of language, dreams, travel, theft, tweets, and trading floors, alchemy and the otherworld.

Here’s a poem from A Dance With Hermes:

Koinos Hermes The work begins and ends with him: the sly light-fingered god of crossways, transit, emails and exchange, the wing-heeled, shifty, wheeler-dealing go-between, who’ll slip right

through your fingers if you try to pin him down. For he is labile, street-wise and trans-everything. He is the one two-fold hermaphrodite who’ll rise

up sprightly from the earth and turn to air, and then descend into the underworld to point his wand at philosophic gold. You’ll find him anywhere and nowhere,

ever the unexpected messenger, who sends you glimpses of the wet fire and the lit dark in the loded stone. With him the magic work, of which one may not speak, begins and ends.

Buy the book directly from the publisher – (buying directly is of greatest benefit to the author)

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