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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

A poem by Kevan Manwaring from his collection The Immanent Moment, posted on his blog in homage to his beloved motorbike that was mindlessly stolen and destroyed last week. It was his only transport and he is running a crowdfunder to help replace it.

Summon lightning and the thunder comes.

Kundalini rpm.

The dragon wakes, flexes chrome muscles, snorts hot breath.

A sneer on its lips, a glint in its eyes. A flick of its tail and it’s off.

Trace pattern on retina. The past a ghost of dust.

A roaring blur – nothing but wind, vibration, a visor view.

The road unravels, is devoured.

Finding peace in motion, fully present – now, now, now.

Never more alive than on the cusp of death.

A knife’s edge – riding the blade.

Into the unseen.

The road unmade until you ride it into existence.

From The Immanent Moment, by Kevan Manwaring (Awen, 2011)

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