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Diamond Cutters

Jay Ramsay (Soul of the Earth) has brought out a poetry collection with Tayen Lane Publishing.

Diamond Cutters names the tradition of Visionary Poetry from the early 20th century with Kathleen Raine and David Gascoyne through to contemporary poets in the early 21st in both Britain and America as well as Australia at a time when spiritual consciousness is more important for us than ever; not simply as an inward or private language, but as a way of actively seeing and reading what is going on in our world today at a time of critical personal and political transition.

Bel Mooney, in a  column from the Daily Mail commented: “Recently, I was sent a handsome new American anthology of spiritual and visionary poetry called Diamond Cutters (edited by poets Andrew Harvey and Jay Ramsay) and sat happily with the book, feeling thoroughly uplifted as I read beautiful words.”

More about Diamond Cutters here –

More about Soul of the Earth here –

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