JAY RAMSAY has been an influential presence on the poetry scene over the last thirty years and has come into his own as a voice for transformative spiritual, political, and psychological awareness. Described as ‘England’s foremost transformation poet’ (Caduceus), he believes that poetry has a unique catalytic role. He is the author, translator, or editor of over thirty books of poetry and non-fiction. Most recently: Monuments (Waterloo Press, 2014), Shu Jing: The Book of History (Penguin Classics, 2014), Places of Truth: Journeys into Sacred Wilderness (Awen, new edition 2016), as well as The Poet in You (O Books, 2009), which publishes part of his Chrysalis poetry correspondence course (established 1990). Forthcoming is Dreams Down Under, a sequence about Australia (knivesforksandspoons). Poetry editor of Caduceus magazine since 2002 and editor of the Chrysalis series of poetry pamphlets, he is a UKCP-accredited

                                                                                                             psychosynthesis psychotherapist and

                                                                                                             healer in private practice in Stroud and

                                                                                                             London, where he also runs monthly men's



     Awen publications:


     Places of Truth: journeys into sacred wilderness

     Soul of the Earth: the Awen anthology of eco-spiritual poetry (editor and contributor)


     Website: http://www.jayramsay.co.uk/ 


     Other publications:


     Psychic Poetry: a manifesto

     Raw Spiritual: selected poems 1980–1985

     Trwyn Meditations

     The White Poem (with Carole Bruce)

     THE GREAT RETURN books 1–6: The Opening / Knife in the Light: a stage-poem / The Hole /

        In the Valley of Shadow: a cine-poem-cum-fantasy / Divinations / Heart of Earth


     Strange Days

     Journey to Eden (with Jenny Davis)

     For Now (with Geoffrey Godbert)


     Stories Beyond Words

     Meditations on the Unknown God

     Tao Te Ching (with Martin Palmer)

     I Ching (with Martin Palmer)

     Kuan Yin: the 100 quatrains (with Martin Palmer)

     Tantrika: love songs of the Sixth Dalai Lama

     Out of This World

     Midnight Silver

     like lightning inside lightning

     Kingdom of the Edge: selected poems 1980–1998

     Alchemy of the Invisible (with Genie Poretsky-Lee)

     After Rumi

     The Message (with Karen Eberhardt Shelton)

     Chinese Leaves / Dream Whispers (with Genie Poretsky-Lee)

     The Heart’s Ragged Evangelist: love poems for the greater love

     Local Universe: poems written in the Stroud Valleys

     Out of Time: selected poems 1998–2007

     Anamnesis: the remembering of soul

     Gita: a dialogue of love and freedom



     Crucible of Love

     The Poet in You