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Rose Flint

Rose Flint is a writer and artist therapist. She works with poetry in healthcare and is Lead Writer for the Kingfisher Project, working in the community and hospital of Salisbury. A committed environmentalist, she uses awareness of the natural world as a way of engaging with the health and well-being of the individual, believing that the health of the world and of each one of us is ultimately linked. She is an award-winning poet, her prizes including the Cardiff International and the Petra Kenney Poetry Competitions. She has published four collections of poetry: Blue Horse of Morning (Seren, 1992), Nekyia (Stride, 2003), Firesigns (Poetry Salzburg, 2004), and Mother of Pearl (PS Avalon, 2008). Her poetry is regularly published in We’Moon, the American goddess yearbook, and many British magazines, including Poetry Review, Scintilla, Resurgence, and Acumen.

Awen publication:


Rose has contributed five poems to Soul of the Earth: the Awen anthology of eco-spiritual poetry


Other publications:

Blue Horse of Morning



Mother of Pearl

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