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IRINA KUZMINSKY      Foreword by Jay Ramsay


The dance is life – life is the dance – in all its manifestations, in all its sorrow and joy, cruelty and beauty. And the faces of the Dark Goddesses are many – some are dark with veiling and unknowing, some are dark with sorrow, some are dark with mystery and a light so great that it paradoxically shades them from sight. The poems in this collection are an encounter with many of these faces, in words marked with feminine energy and a belief in the transformative power of the poetic word. Spiritual and sexual, earthy and refined, a woman's voice speaks to women and to the feminine in women and men – of an openness to life, a surrender to the workings of love, and a trust in the Dark Goddesses and their ways of leading us through the dance.

Dancing with Dark Goddesses: movements in poetry



    'Potent, seminal, visionary. There is music here.'

    Kevin George Brown


    'a mythological journey of archetypes'

    Richard McKane


    'Irina enacts a fusion of dark and light, then, that is synthesis, invocation, prayer and affirmation. And finally she invites us to dance: to the dance that is beauty and freedom, of life released, of spirit and soul set free in movement.'

    Jay Ramsay

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