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Margie McCallum

Margie McCallum is living back in her homeland of Aotearoa New Zealand after a transformative decade in the UK. It was during her time in the UK that she encountered a plea for expression from the poet inside; she credits Jay Ramsey and Rosie Jackson with aiding her response to that. Margie’s poetry spans many topics, perhaps finding its clearest and most resonant voice in response to landscape or in the face of death. When Death Comes Close (Museday, 2010) is a CD and booklet of poems arising from Margie’s personal and professional experiences around death, dying, and funerals. Rose Flint writes, ‘These are poems that bridge earth and spirit. Luminous and gentle, they both soften loss and honour the strength of its place within our lives.’ Margie also enjoys painting, conversations that delve deep, and walking long beaches.

Awen publication:


Margie has contributed six poems to Soul of the Earth: the Awen anthology of eco-spiritual poetry



Other publications:

When Death Comes Close

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