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Lynne Wycherley

Lynne Wycherley writes, ‘At depth, all my poetry is a kind of love poetry, whether for people or places, wild creatures, or stars … It is also a rebellion against reductionism: light, both metaphysical and physical, permeates my imagination and my words.’ Widely published, she was voted an ‘Alternative Generation Poet’ (Staple); her prizes include the 2009 Fellows’ Poetry Prize (English Association). Her Listening to Light: new & selected poems was published in 2014 by Shoestring Press. She is currently a health refugee in Devon, working to help raise awareness of the suppressed risks associated with the wireless boom – to children, ecology, and ourselves.

Awen publication:


Lynne has contributed five poems to Soul of the Earth: the Awen anthology of eco-spiritual poetry



Other publications:

Listening to Light: new & selected poems

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