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Karen Eberhardt-Shelton

Karen Eberhardt-Shelton was born in northern California, moved to England in her teens, divided time between the UK and the US over many years (became an English citizen in the 1960s), and has resided in various other parts of the world. While living in Stroud, she wrote a weekly column for the Stroud News & Journal. Her current home is in Wales. The Message, poetry with Jay Ramsay, was published in 2002. Her anthology A Women's Guide to Saving the World appeared in 2008 and is due to be republished. An autobiographical book, To Camelot, with Love, is in press. Her major concerns now revolve around global issues, particularly overpopulation, and her current project is ‘Awesome Earth Education: how can we change the way people think?’

Awen publication:


Karen has contributed six poems to Soul of the Earth: the Awen anthology of eco-spiritual poetry


Other publications:

The Message (with Jay Ramsay)

The Women's Guide to Saving the World

To Camelot, with Love

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