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Ditch Vision

by Jeremy Hooker




Ditch Vision  

Richard Jefferies: A Personal Discovery 

Versions of Freedom: Nicolai Berdyaev and John Cowper Powys

Alone in Life: The Friendship of Robert Frost and Edward Thomas 

The Bounded and the Wild   

Alun Lewis: ‘The Tragic Condition’ 

Mary Butts and Her English Landscape

Frances Bellerby, Poet  

Three ‘Powys Poems’ with a Commentary on Each

Notes on ‘Poetic Vision’ 

Water over Stone: Reflections on Poetry and Spirit

‘Tending Words and Sheep’: The Poetry of Les Arnold

Reflections on ‘Ground’ 

Reflections on the Lyric ‘I’

Revisiting ‘God’s Houses’

Mystery at the Heart of Things: An Interview with Jeremy Hooker

     (by Fiona Owen)

Land and Sea and Sky



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