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David Metcalfe

David is a performance storyteller and narrative consultant. He is particularly interested in the narrative interpretation of landscape, archaeology and history – in the impact of humankind on landscape evolution and in human communities' interaction with each other today and in the deep and recent past. David released an album of traditional folk songs in 2011: Rogues & Ravens: songs of love and death. In his many years’ work investigating how well publicly funded organisations use their resources, he has co-authored numerous reports and publications and developed a particular interest in the way organisations formulate, articulate, and regenerate their corporate narratives. He convenes Bath Storytelling Circle and has co-produced with Fire Springs many professional performances of storytelling and music (including Arthur's Dream, Robin of the Wildwood, Return to Arcadia , Dark Age Deeds of the Celtic Saints).

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David is a co-author of An Ecobardic Manifesto: a vision for the arts in a time of environmental crisis


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