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A Dance with Hermes

by Lindsay Clarke


Foreword by Jules Cashford


A Note at the Threshold


Koinos Hermes

His Conception

His Birth

First Steps

Tortoise Song

First Caper

He Cuts a Deal

He Considers Career Opportunities

A PR Man Speaks Up

An Alternative Version

His Better Nature

His Darker Side

Dancing with Hermes

He Knows What He Needs

He Cocks a Snook at Nietzsche (and Philip Larkin)

He Visits His Uncle

He Takes up Divination

He Giveth Tongue

He Monitors Its Use

He Does Zeus a Favour


He’s There at the Start of the Trojan War

His Sense of Irony


The Whisperer

He Escorts Priam to Achilles’ Tent

Stone Pile 1

Stone Pile 2

His Gifts to Pandora

The Night Visitor

He Honours the Hospitable

He’s Rated Triple A

He Considers GUTs and Such

In Dreams …

Hermes to Odysseus

His Private Life

His Role as Psychopomp

The Missing Hermes

Hermes Redivivus

His Moon Dance


His Opus

1. Nigredo

2. Albedo

3. Coniunctio

4. Rubedo


His Emerald Tablet


He Takes Off

His Wand



Notes and Acknowledgements

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