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Soul of the Earth

the Awen anthology of eco-spiritual poetry


 edited by Jay Ramsay

Awen’s mission is to publish works of poetry, fiction, and literary non-fiction that match quality of writing with an engagement with the world. We believe in communication that connects. We value the word – written, spoken, given – and love our living language.


We believe in the power of the imagination to liberate and inspire. Our books are responsive to the challenges of our time, especially the strained relationship between human beings and the ecosystem we all inhabit. You can read more about Awen Publications here and about our ‘ecobardic’ creative vision here. And you can visit our BLOG here.


Find out about our books via the list of titles here. Books can be ordered directly (FREE shipping in the UK) from the webpage for each title. Or you can order Awen books from your local bookshop or from Amazon.


For TRADE ORDERS: either email us to order directly, or order from Gardners Books.  



"I have found this book inspirational and supportive. Ian has woven together a tapestry of wisdom drawn from many sources, imbued with the thread of his own rich lived experience to produce something which is both heartful and poetic, insightful and accessible. It is a book for our time, mapping a way for us to reconnect to those disowned parts of ourselves by nourishing and respecting our fundamental relationship with the natural environment. It offers us the possibility of healing, not just at a personal level but in the wider context to our fragmented society and suffering world. Our need for wild places and the honouring of that wildness in Nature and in ourselves often entails stepping with courage beyond our comfort zones. In this book Ian both affirms us in that quest and offers a light to help guide the way." Richard Dealler, Chairman, The Michael Mary Pilgrims Way