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Richard Bright, Director, The Interalia Centre


Soul of the Earth launch, Waterstones Bath 2011

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Tears in the Fence


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Ian Siddons Heginworth - eco arts therapist & authorLindsay Clarke - prize-winning authorAndrew Harvey author
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***2013 Storytelling World Award Winner (Special Storytelling Resources honours)***


Words of Re-enchantment by Anthony Nanson


'A sensitve and intelligent book that demands re-reading, if only for the stories.' Liz Berg, Facts & Fiction






Strange Sun - Jay Ramsay & co

'atmospheric, magical, and accessible' 

Southwest Connections


'You are an unlocker of imprisoned souls, and true healer... a great gift to our world and the generation who are seeking for spiritual consciousness... your poems spring spontaneously from a pure well of life.'Kathleen Raine





This Fearful Tempest - by Kevan Manwaring


'His writing extends the reader in the direction of selfhood – that quality that constitutes one's individuality – and reminds us of the limitations of everyday consciousness, but also of how it may be expanded to satisfy the deepest callings of human need. He sees broadly and with compassion. Crucially, he reveals life and consciousness as boundless potential, which is surely the ultimate purpose of all art.'

Geoff Ward, Suite 101






Glossing the Spoils by Charlotte Hussey


'I would recommend Glossing the Spoils to anyone with an interest in Western European mythology, poetry and / or the Bardic Tradition.' Lorna Smithers





The Firekeeper's Daughter by Karola Renard


'This is the book to encourage you to look over that edge, to discard fear and control and believe in your own myths.'

Jacki Woolmington, Touchstone







Soul of the Earth awen anthology

All real poetry seeks to 'renew the face of the earth' - and so to resist the exploiting,banalization or defacing of what lies around us. I hope this collection will serve the renewal of vision we so badly need'.

 Dr Rowan Williams











Awen (Welsh) 

1. f. noun. Muse, Inspiration, Spirit.

2. What a bard seeks to receive & share.

3. Quality writing for the discerning reader.



"I have found this book inspirational and supportive. Ian has woven together a tapestry of wisdom drawn from many sources, imbued with the thread of his own rich lived experience to produce something which is both heartful and poetic, insightful and accessible. It is a book for our time, mapping a way for us to reconnect to those disowned parts of ourselves by nourishing and respecting our fundamental relationship with the natural environment. It offers us the possibility of healing, not just at a personal level but in the wider context to our fragmented society and suffering world. Our need for wild places and the honouring of that wildness in Nature and in ourselves often entails stepping with courage beyond our comfort zones. In this book Ian both affirms us in that quest and offers a light to help guide the way." Richard Dealler, Chairman, The Michael Mary Pilgrims Way