Karola Renard Karola Renard was born in Germany in 1978 and read archaeology, Scandinavian Studies, literature and history in Bonn and Reykjavik, Iceland. A trained journalist and editor, she worked 5 years for a German history magazine before working and travelling in Africa and India from 2008-2009. Since 2005, she has explored her fascination for myth, history and archetypal storylines through writing fiction. On arrival in her adopted home country England, she discovered her passion for story and storytelling. “The Firekeeper’s Daughter” is her first anthology of short fiction.












The Firekeeper's Daughter by Karola Renard

The Firekeeper's Daughter

Tales of Initiation by Karola Renard

From the vastness of Stone Age Siberia to a minefield in today’s Angola, from the black beaches of Iceland to the African savanna and a Jewish-German cemetery, Karola Renard tells 12 mythic stories of initiation, featuring 21st-century kelpies, sirens and holy fools, a river of tears and a girl who dances on fire, a maiden shaman of ice, a witch in a secret garden, Queen Guinevere’s magic mirror and a woman who swallows the moon.

The red thread running through them all is a deep faith in life and the need to find truth and meaning even in the greatest of ordeals.

In her lively and vivid stories, Karola Renard points a finger towards the mythic threads that run through life's initiations. Connecting with that thread is the beginning of finding the true ground we stand upon.

Martin Shaw, author of "A Branch From The LightningTree: Ecstatic Myth and the Grace in Wildness"


Fiction, £9.99 ISBN 978-1-906900-18-2


Published 21 May 2011  Reserve a copy today

Book launch Waterstones, Bath 21 May, 6.30pm doors, 7.00pm start



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