Soul of the Earth            Words of Re-enchantment        Crackle of Almonds          The Firekeeper's Daughter

      the Awen anthology of           writings on storytelling,              selected poems                      tales of initiation

         eco-spiritual poetry         myth, and ecological desire      Gabriel Bradford Millar                 Karola Renard

          Jay Ramsay (ed.)                  Anthony Nanson












        Dancing with Dark


      movements in poetry

          Irina Kuzminsky


      Glossing the Spoils                           Iona                                    Tidal Shift

       Charlotte Hussey                      Mary Palmer                         selected poems

                                                                                                         Mary Palmer

















      An Ecobardic Manifesto            Exotic Excursions                  The Fifth Quarter                    Places of Truth

     a vision for the arts in a               Anthony Nanson                     Richard Selby                         journeys into

   time of environmental crisis                                                                                                     sacred wilderness

             Fire Springs                                                                                                                       Jay Ramsay

















    The Immanent Moment          A Dance with Hermes             The Long Woman

        Kevan Manwaring                   Lindsay Clarke                   Kevan Manwaring