Launch of 'Places of Truth' and Ecobardic Showcase at Waterstones, Bath, 20 March 2009


We are proud of our authors. Besides being talented writers, nearly all are experienced spoken-word performers and speakers and several are also experienced teachers. Please contact us (or individual authors directly) if you would like to book one of our authors for a talk, performance, or workshop. Below are links to each author’s profile:


Aidan Andrew Dun

Helen Moore

Diana Durham 

Karen Eberhardt-Shelton

Rose Flint

Paul Matthews

Paul E Nelson

Gabriel Bradford Millar

Roselle Angwin

Dawn Gorman

Alyson Hallett

Jehanne Mehta

Lynne Wycherley 

Charlotte Hussey

Margie McCallum

Adam Horovitz

Karola Renard

Jay Ramsay 

Anthony Nanson

Mary Palmer 


Simon Miles 

Richard Selby

Kevan Manwaring

David Metcalfe 

Kirsty Hartsiotis

Irina Kuzminsky