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Strange Sun - Jay Ramsay & co
















Arthur's Dream - Fire Springs
















Thannos - WiR

Anamnesis - Jay Ramsay

Uffington - Peter Please & friends

Nature's Words - Helen Moore & friends

When Death Comes Close - Margie McCallum

Would that I Could - Irina Kuzminsky

Perceval and the Grail - Diana Durham

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Awen's USP has always been bardic - all of our authors are superb spoken word performers - performance poets, storytellers, singers, experienced and inspiring workshop facilitators and speakers. And so it seemed only natural that we should start releasing titles on CD and mp3 download. We are excited about this new initiative - although in its early days we already have a fine selection for your audial delectation. Check out our 'back catalogue' and new titles below:


Strange Sun - Jay Ramsay & friends

Strange Sun is a unique collaboration between poet Jay Ramsay, described as ‘England’s leading transformation poet’ (Caduceus magazine, 2008) who has been writing, publishing and also teaching poetry for 25 years, and a distinctive group of local artist-musicians: Herewood Gabriel, with Indian flute, ballaphon, rainstick and djembe; Oogoo Maia, with clavicord and harpsichord; and Angie Spencer with violin. The poetry explores and embodies transformational consciousness, and how we are in our lives in recognizing our essence as human beings with what informs that essence that also belongs to higher levels of existence and vibration. It is about ‘what we may be’ as well as what and who we are as men and women. It is a journey into Light which embraces the darkness and the shadow…hence the album’s title. With 25 tracks (51 minutes in all), many of them short, it also features an alchemical prose-poem ‘Rosa Mundi’ (14.58), which includes Fred Hageneder’s memorable harp, and poet Ella Bloomfield’s voice. The music combines a series of unusual sounds working between the melodic and the atonal, the classical and the experimental; and is perfectly blended, timed and attuned to the speaking voice. Recorded and mastered by sound engineer and musician Andrew Butler at D&B Studios, Stroud. Copies of the CD will be available at the local record shops and Made in Stroud, and can also be ordered with a cheque (payable to 'Jay Ramsay) to 5 Oxford Terrace, Springfield Rd, Uplands, Stroud GL5  1TW.




Arthur's Dream - Fire Springs


A fresh vision of Britain's greatest story - the epic of King Arthur. Double CD, 2 hours (18 stories). Abaris Records, 2002 £15.70




“Having several voices makes for a more varied and entertaining performance than could have been achieved with a solo storyteller, however good. They utilise all the tricks that come with practice to keep the work alive … a great way of immersing yourself totally for a couple of hours!” Pete Jennings, Pagan Dawn


 “It’s an ambitious project – to bring the Arthurian cycle to a form that can be told within two hours. Fire Springs have done just that … a good way into the labyrinthine world of the Matter of Britain.” Eric Maddern, Storylines


“Great storytellers .. Having several voices makes for a more varied and entertaining performance than could be achieved with a solo storyteller, however good”

Pete Jennings, Pagan Dawn



OTHER TITLES (details to follow):


Anamnesis - Jay Ramsay


Running Through Crowds - Jay Ramsay & Herewood Gabriel



Nature's Words - Helen Moore & friends



Would That I Could - Irina Kuzminsky



Earthy Strong - David Metcalfe



Thamnos - Annemarie Borg



Dancing with Dark Goddesses - Irina Kuzminsky



Perceval & the Grail - Diana Durham



James Hollingsworth - titles to follow



Paul Francis - titles to follow



Aidan Andrew Dun - titles to follow



Uffington - Peter Please



Coming Soon:  Song of the Windsmith







Compiled & introduced by Kevan Manwaring, Head Gardener


'A Salutation to the Sun'

track listing:


  1. Dawn Chorus - 'Solstice Sunrise' poem by Kevan Manwaring, from 'Green Fire'.

  2. Faster Than Light – James Hollingsworth, from 'James Hollingsworth'

  3. All By The Light of a Strange Sun – Jay Ramsay & Friends, from 'Strange Sun'

  4. Summertime – Violette Arbury & Family

  5. Ella Bloomfield – Song Birds, from Phoenix Demo, 2009 (with Josie Felce on harp)

  6. Garden of Irem – Kevan Manwaring, from 'Tales of the Desert, Desire and the Red Thread' performed at the Bristol Story Cafe with Karola Renard, 2011

    including the following tracks: Sunspun; Bowed Light; & On Light – by Irina Kuzminsky, from 'Would That I Could'.

  7. Song of Sul – from 'Bladud and the Goddess' Cantata by Sulyen Caradon, lyrics by Kevan Manwaring.

  8. At the Edge of Dawn – Thamnos, from 'WiR', Annemarie Borg

  9. Midnight Sun – Jay Ramsay & Friends, from 'Strange Sun'

  10. Light in the Darkness – Paul Francis, from The Book of Mistakes & Answers'

  11. White Days/Nigredo – Irina Kuzminsky, from 'Would That I Could'.

  12. I Saw a Great Sun – Jay Ramsay & Friends, from 'Strange Sun'

  13. Love – Gabriel Bradford Millar, from Phoenix Demo, 2009

  14. She Moves Through the Fair - David Metcalfe – from 'Rogues and Ravens'

  15. In the Name of the Sun – Kevan Manwaring, from 'Green Fire'; with Happy – Herewood Gabriel & Jay Ramsay, from 'Running Through Crowds'

  16. Corn Spirit – Peter Please, from 'Uffington'


All words and music copyright respective performers, except 'Summertime', lyrics by DuBose Heyward, aria by George Gershwin, Porgy and Bess, 1935