Awen has been publishing quality writing since 2003 when we launched our first title, Writing the Land: an anthology of natural words. We are a small press specialising in high-quality writing that may not be highly commercial but deserves to find a readership. We like work that is imaginative, boundary-pushing, eco-conscious, enchanting, and challenging to received wisdoms. In a nutshell: fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction with inspiration at its heart.


We publish a small, discerning list of up-and-coming authors who we think deserve wider attention. Our ethos is based upon qualitative rather than quantitative criteria: quality of writing and quality of production, rather than units sold or shareholder value.


Awen is a cottage-run business; we believe in human-centred communication that connects, not distances, people. We value the word – written, spoken, given – and love our living language. We believe in the power of the imagination to set people free.


We hope you enjoy our titles.
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Planet Earth - the only home we have

AWEN is an idea whose time has come. Described as 'an artistic eco-system', it is a publishing house and a collective of writers who share a vision of the great transition of our time, which like all times of crisis contains a profound opportunity for change. That includes change in both how we do things and how we see things.


AWEN is about seeing the necessity of bringing spiritual and ecological values into contemporary writing, and about realizing that we are no longer making this journey alone. Literature in this context is about what we can do together for something bigger than ourselves. And performance (of both poetry and story) is about a communion of understanding in which we can realize together more of what it means to be human, opening our hearts as well as our minds, finding ourselves ensouled by all that the spoken word can bring—an experience that sends us back into life with a deeper resonance within us.


AWEN means ‘creative flow’. It is that which is both inspiring and healing. All the literary artists represented here resonate with that note, and are in their prime both as writers and as performers … as voices of our time.